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The Arizona Agricultural Education/FFA Foundation is dedicated to providing expanded educational opportunities for agricultural education and the FFA.
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Will your business help sell Gator Raffle tickets?

Gator Raffle

Your business can help local FFA Chapters by selling raffle tickets for the FFA Gator Raffle! If you can give some counter space, or offer Gator Raffle tickets in some other way in your business, please let us know!

FFA raffle for Gator

Please complete the form below! 
Please complete this form if your business is interested in helping sell Gator Raffle tickets. Thank you.

We will be in contact with you about the Gator Raffle and put your tickets in the mail to you. Also, after Sept. 1, Gator Raffle tickets will be available online at www.FFAraffle.org. Thank you for your support of the FFA.

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