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Kim Kerr-Ruhrer ~ Where Is She Now?

Posted by Neil Schneider on

Kim Kerr-Ruhrer

Kim Kerr-Ruhrer

Who was the FFA Advisor that influenced you the most?
Mr. Tony Bowling

What FFA Chapter did you attend?

What are you doing these days?
Each day I have the opportunity to teach, tell and share the story about Arizona Dairy production to school children and the general public. I am working at Shamrock Farms at the Farm Tours.

We had over 14,000 guests come visit and tour our dairy last year. I consider myself blessed to love my job as I do. I spend my days on the dairy, just as I grew up, and educating our guests.

If I’m not at the farm, I can be found on the sidelines of my daughter Abigail's lacrosse games (15 years old). My two oldest children, Quinton (20) is planning his wedding this fall and my daughter, Emily (18) is currently studying Agriculture Missions at Dordt College in Iowa. I have loved watching my three children grow and wear their blue jackets as well.

Kim Kerr-Rhurer

What did you enjoy the most about the FFA?
The people ... the friendships and lifelong relationships that were made while competing, traveling or attending events across the state and country. To this day many of the people I call my friends were once on a judging team with me or we were in the same cabin at camps. The FFA organization is great because of the people who are members.

Thank you Kim!


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